We recently asked our Twitter followers to tell us their favourite Isle of Wight spots and after an overwhelming response we have printed a selection below:

The Royal Hotel IOW ‏@Royalhoteliow

@IWTourism countless but Newtown, Appuldurcombe House, Tennyson Down, Rocken End, St Catherines, @needlesbattery the Hoy

Newtown Creek

alan sheath ‏@alsbikes

@IWTourism cycling on the sea wall between sandown and shanklin, looking out to sea thinking i cant think of a better place to live.

Smugglers Cottage ‏@ClarksCottages

@IWTourism – Our favourite spot on the diamond isle – Ventnor Downs – our beautiful Island laid out at your feet.

Nick Baker ‏@bugboybaker

@IWTourism orchard bay below Niton – I used to go every year on my family summer holidays. It’s where I learnt to snorkel.

Chris Cowley ‏@chriscowley

@iwtourism Ventnor Botanic Gardens! @vbgcafe

Matthew Chatfield ‏@virtualranger

@IWTourism my favourite spot is the round crater in the down on top of Redcliff. Lie down, look up, all you can see is sky.

OakShed Media ‏@OakShedMedia

@IWTourism: Headon Warren @ Sunset is stunning!

lynn meacock ‏@lynnmeacock

@IWTourism definitely Steephill Cove! A real step back in time #perfect

Spence ‏@spencehh

@IWTourism priory bay – beautiful beach and no tat. Then a nice lunch at the sandwich bar opposite the seaview hotel. Used to stay in a very small cottage in Bembridge – loved it. Woke up to ducks at the door and horses in the fields. Yarmouth is a lovely town and the pier is fab. East Cowes during Cowes week… Hmmm – time to pop over again I think 🙂

EHH? ‏@Drummersmurf

@iwtourism #myfavouriteplaceontheiow Seaview for the beach, Sandown for the pier and Ryde for the shops! Oh, and Blackgang for the rides 😉

Tom Shannon ‏@tommos16

@IWTourism Never mind on the Island, Freshwater Bay is my favourite place on earth. Closely followed by Colwell Bay #loveabeach

Skimming Stones Freshwater Bay - ©VisitBritain Simon Kreitem

Emma Topping ‏@emmactopping

@IWTourism Newtown nature reserve – but the bit you can only reach by water along the creek or firing range the other side used to go on special camping trips there, recording bats, adder tongue fern, rare orchids etc. Incredible place not often seen!

Tom Shannon ‏@tommos16

@IWTourism I fully agree! For me the IoW is the most special place on earth.

Gunther ‏@OllieThomas_C

@IWTourism The Fort in Seaview is a fantastic restaurant/bar!

Vanessa ‏@AspieMum

@IWTourism My kids’ favourite is Dinosaur Isle along with a stony beach on the opposite half of Cowes to the car ferry. My boys like collecting unusual and to them interesting looking stones & ones that make them think of fossils. One of my twins wants to be a palaeoartist, Palaeontologist, or a marine biologist & has found a possible fossil there

Dinosaur Isle credit Britainonview and James McCormick

Katie Parker ‏@KatieParker__

@IWTourism #myfavouriteplaceontheiow a hearty meal at The Woodvale Hotel at Gurnard then a lovely walk into Cowes watching the sailing 🙂

Spotlight IOW ‏@spotlightiow

Hello @IWTourism #myfavouriteplaceontheiow is & always will be, Sandown Bay at the Beach Cafe. Crab cakes and a cheeky vino!

moomin ‏@moomin_kew

@IWTourism 4me – sitting outside The Spyglass with fish, chips & beer! hubby @rsjay1 says view from our flat in Ryde!

Manda Carter ‏@MandaCarter

@IWTourism #myfavouriteplaceontheiow is Tennyson Down, the views are truly amazing

Tennyson Down Family

theking lud ‏@loudliveludside

@IWTourism puckpool park, whatever the weather, compton bay for the surf and the beauty, tennyson trail and ryde for lazy beach days

NT Needles Battery ‏@needlesbattery

@IWTourism Freshwater Bay when the waves are crashing over the promenade.

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