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Isle of Wight Walking Festival Update

Walking festival Freshwater Beach

The Isle of Wight Walking Festival this year celebrates its 15th Anniversary! To celebrate they will be having a packed events calendar of over 300 walks, many of which have already been announced.

Some of the walks on offer include historical walks, like “From Ambles to Rambles where you can follow in the footsteps The Poet Laureate Alfred Lord Tennyson, and Robert Hooke, John Milne, Queen Victoria, Jimmy Hendrix, Julia Margaret Cameron.

There are walks for all ages and abilities – Children’s walks, Dinosaur walks, Walks from Rails, Ramblers, walks, Exploration walks, History walks, Nature walks, Foodie walks, Nordic walking, Adventures, Dog Walks, Dawn Chorus walks to name but a few.

This year the festival organisers have introduced a new experience for walkers, allowing you to take an Alpaca for a walk in the beautiful countryside in the West Wight.  For those who like adventure there is an opportunity for a Survival Trek with overnight camping, and the Island’s famous Garlic Farm is now offering a great walking experience with a garlic packed lunch.

The Isle of Wight this year celebrates its 50th year of being classed as an “Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty” and there is no better way to see this than with the “Round the Island Walk”. This 72 mile trek can either be done in the epic challenge of a  24 hour walk, or as a more leisurely 3 day version!


As part of the launch weekend, the Isle of Wight Walking Festival organisers are inviting walkers to meet the leaders and sponsors at the Hambrough Hotel in Ventnor.  This informal gathering gives you a chance to relax in a five-star boutique hotel, with its stunning views out to sea.  We are giving you a chance to learn about the walking festival walks and heritage of the Island during a series of short talks from a selection of leaders.  Refreshments will be available to purchase.  Full details will be posted on the website.www.isleofwightwalkingfestival.co.uk


With a fantastic success rate that now includes 4 weddings and 1 baby, the Walking Festival “Speed Dating Walks” continue to gain momentum! These walks attract single walkers from across Great Britain, and have created many love matches and great friendships during their time, including the most recent wedding which took place during the 2012 Walking Festival!

Registration forms are available on www.isleofwightwalkingfestival.co.uk.  The start and finish of the walk will be at the romantic location of the Fisherman’s Cottage Shanklin Esplanade.  Sunday 5th May 10.30 am start.


Don’t forget as part of the launch of the Walking Festival Brian Blessed will be returning to the Isle of Wight and appearing at Medina Theatre on Sunday 5th May. The actor, adventurer and explorer, famed for his unmistakable voice appeared in 2010 and sold out the venue, so book early to avoid disappointment!

Brian Blessed to open Isle of Wight Walking Festival

Brian Blessed at Medina Theatre 2010

The Isle of Wight Walking Festival 2013 is set to be kicked off in style by the commanding personality of Brian Blessed. The world famous actor, author and explorer comes to Medina Theatre on the opening Sunday of the Walking Festival for a performance not to be missed.

Expect captivating stories from his acting days, with credits including a wide variety of films from Shakespeare to Star Wars, and also tales of his time as an adventurer – all delivered by one of the most unmistakeable voices in the business.

This year’s festival begins on Saturday May 4th, with Brian Blessed performing at 7.30pm on Sunday 5th to launch the 2 week calendar of walking events. On his previous visit to Medina Theatre Blessed played to a packed house, and wouldn’t leave the stage – avoid disappointment by booking you tickets now from www.medinatheatre.co.uk.

More information on the Isle of Wight Walking Festival can be found atwww.isleofwightwalkingfestival.co.uk