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Isle of Wight Brewery launch Starboard – a new golden bitter for 2017

Goddards Brewery on the Isle of Wight will be launching Starboard!, an easy drinking 4% golden session ale this March. It’s a new recipe that combines English hops with Pale Ale and Cara malt to deliver a distinctive orangey flavour and a citrus aroma, with a wonderful hoppy finish.

Xavier Baker is the managing director of Goddards, “Balance is the key with a beer like Starboard! We had a good idea of the overall taste and what we wanted to achieve with the new recipe; aroma, body, mouthfeel, colour and strength. Within the different styles of ales, the 4% golden ale (known as a session beer) category is the biggest volume. We wanted to create a brand new exciting recipe to add to our classic range of ales. Using experience we can bring all of these together harmoniously.” The whole process was overseen by Goddards head brewer Nigel Eldridge.

Golden bitter is one of the UK’s most popular types of real ale and Starboard! will be well placed not only to satisfy this growing market, but also reflect the Isle of Wight’s long association with sailing. Sailors can be heard shouting “Starboard!” as a warning when manoeuvering at sea in close quarters with another boat. The established ‘right of way’ when under sail is given to boats on a starboard tack. The pump clip also features a starboard marker buoy which is distinguished by its flashing green light so people will see this beer coming.

Starboard! will be available locally on the Isle of Wight and across the country in cask and bottles during March.

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