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Premier hotel on the Isle of Wight responding to what travellers want

The Royal Hotel laps it up with local award-winning producers and attractions to meet the demands of unique customer experiences.

“Travel is now increasingly viewed as a way of having experiences to enhances one’s life. As a hotel, we have to embrace the fact that we are responsible for creating a unique customer experience. One of the main reasons people travel is the thirst to discover more and by including an authentic local environment, food and cooking and wellness experiences, we hope to provide an unforgettable experience on the Island.” William Bailey, Managing Director at the Royal Hotel.

To start the year off, The Royal Hotel has paired up with the Island’s wine supplier and wine connoisseur, Tim Flint from Eurovines to create a Gourmet Wine Weekend in February. This is just one of the many events in collaboration with local producers planned for 2018.

“We at Eurovines have had the pleasure of supplying wines to The Royal Hotel for nearly 10 years now. Over this time, we have seen that we share many of the same values of quality, innovation and care for our clients. As one of the finest hotels on the Island, they provide a superb Wining, Dining and Hospitality experience.” Tim Flint, Managing Director at Eurovines Ltd.

The Royal Hotel has always been recognised as one of the best places to dine and stay for decades and in the last couple of years, the Island has seen a surge in local producers and attractions such as The Garlic Farm, Osborne, Ventnor Botanic Garden, Isle of Wight Tomato Stall, Isle of Wight Cheese Company and Wight Distillery sweeping up numerous National Awards, so what better way than to come together to showcase the strengths of the Island.

These collaborations allow The Royal to include tempting accommodation, dining and activity packages to ensure a stay at the hotel will remain an unforgettable experience.

  • During the 23th and 24th February, you can sample wines from the enchanting wine regions in Spain to some of Northern Italy’s finest wine regions. You’ll find plenty to choose from with food pairings, and tasting notes. For anyone interested in gourmet food and high-quality wine, this is not to be missed.
  • For the weekend of the 16th – 18th March try our Gastronomic Weekend tour, showing all the amazing local produce including Living larder, Wight Distillery, Isle of Wight Cheese Company, the Garlic Farm and Ventnor Botanic Garden.


If you would like more information on events, please visit http://royalhoteliow.co.uk/offers for full details. If you would like to explore possibilities of collaborating with The Royal Hotel or experience and feature events at The Royal Hotel, please feel free to contact Marketing and PR manager, Shennon Slade at 01983 852186.


Generally people don’t want to be sitting in fuzzy environments any more. The food we do is quite serious and complicated, but it’s executed in a way that’s not fussy and is accessible to anybody.”

While many travellers still appreciate the finer things in life, when it comes to luxury travel, they now expect that the experience be personally enriching as well as sensually indulgent. What does this mean for hotel managers? Guests still want fine wines and rich fabric, but they want greater personalized attention. A study from global hotel consultancy HVS London found that the upcoming generation of travellers believe luxury means having unique, enriching life experiences.

Lifestyle trends that today’s guests want include an authentic local environment, food and cooking, wellness, and health.