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Visitors to Robin Hill Country Park on the Isle of Wight are in for a real treat this summer as falconer, Steve Hain, has introduced a ground breaking new falconry demonstration this week – the first of its kind ever shown in the UK.

As part of his evening show, Steve has trained his Harris Hawk, ‘Baldric’, to fly around the park’s illuminated amphitheatre wearing a ‘live’ headcam that beams images directly onto a huge screen.    This enables the audience to experience a true ‘birds eye view’ as every movement by the bird is captured, so you can actually see where and at what the bird is looking.   This includes images of the audience themselves, ‘ducking’ as the falcon swoops low above them.

Steve said, “It’s taken three years of training ourselves and the bird for this one demonstration but I’m absolutely delighted that we have managed to achieve such a ground breaking feat in falconry terms. As a falconer, I am always looking for new ideas to push ourselves as well as falconry in general.  Falconry is one of those sports where you never stop learning and with filming our birds, it has allowed us to see different aspects of how our birds work and fly.  With this new headcam, it’s not just fun for the public, it also allows you to see the head movement of the birds.  We have already worked out that while sitting still, their head movement is not smooth but moves in a jerky motion.  These head cams are just the start of even more ground breaking demonstrations to come.”

The falconry headcam demonstration is part of Robin Hill’s ‘Stunning Nights’ evening entertainment programme which takes place every Tuesday and Thursday evening during the summer holidays.

Steve Hain, of White Falconry, has worked in falconry for over 16 years, ten of which have been spent running the demonstrations and courses at Robin Hill Country Park – and captivating hundreds of thousands of visitors!

For more information, visit www.robin-hill.com / www.whitefalconry.com

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