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Step into the land of imagination.   Overlooking the stunning South coast of the Isle of Wight, Blackgang Chine offers an enchanting experience like no other.  Let your imagination run wild as you venture on a journey of discovery where you can fight pirates on-board your own ship, discover life size moving dinosaurs and escape from danger, become sheriff of your own town, round up the outlaws and lock ‘em up – or experience the magic of being fairy princess in your own castle!

Filled with an eclectic mix of attractions, theme worlds and exciting rides, you’ll find adventures around every corner, something for all the family.

New for 2015 :

Meet our new ‘hatchling’ Triceratop dinosaurs in Restricted Area 5 …… but only if you’re brave enough!  Visitors are advised to enter through the gates of ‘Restricted Area 5’ at their own risk – and marvel at the gargantuan scale of the life-size moving (animatronic) dinosaurs.  The journey through the ‘Restricted Area 5’ enclosure will bring you up close and personal with dinosaurs of all types including an iguanadon, stegosaurus, screeching raptors, an argentinosaurus BIGGER than a double decker bus and one of the largest animatronic Tyrannosaurus Rex in the country – all making their own distinctive sounds and reacting to those who dare walk past.

Plus enjoy hours of fun in Cowboy Town which is now bigger and better than ever. The town’s been remodelled to include new buildings like the National Bank with its safe and gold bars, a red tin tabernacle Church and a new General Stores where all would-be cowboys can stock up on provisions and get their own ‘wanted’ poster!  For the little ones, there’s a new covered tots play area.

And, don’t miss our late night openings during the summer school holidays with :

Dino Nights; ‘Are you brave enough?’ every Monday from 20th July – 31st August.   A whole evening of dinosaur entertainment.   Come and meet Shadow & Sheila, our mischievous baby T’rex dinos and their baby dino friends– all with personalities of their own!    Plus .. are you brave enough to enter ‘Restricted Area 5’ in the evening when the dinosaurs begin to stir? With lots of dinosaur fun, interaction and music around the park, this really is a night out like no other ….. but only if you’re brave enough?!

Big Night Out Fireworks Extravaganza every Wednesday night from 22nd July – 26th August.   Our famous fireworks nights are back with a bang!  Enjoy an evening of fun and entertainment including street performers, magicians,  circus skills workshop, roaming dinos, live music, a BBQ and ….. to bring your day to a spectacular end, our awe-inspiring musical firework display set off from the cliff edge!

Blackgang Chine is open daily until 1st November.     All admission tickets include FREE unlimited 7 day returns.    Please check the website for opening times, prices and full calendar of events.  www.blackgangchine.com

For further information please contact Michelle Russell, Marketing & Communications Manager, Vectis Ventures Limited : 01983 732123 / 07436 283630 / michelle@vectisventures.co.uk