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Official Dinosaur Island!

The Isle of Wight has been officially declared the dinosaur capital of the UK! This is according to a new Dinosaur Map of Britain which has been compiled by Dr Paul Barrett, Merit Researcher from The Natural History Museum to mark the launch of Primeval: New World on Watch.

Dr Paul Barrett conducted a report of prehistoric activity identifying the key dinosaur hotspots around the UK. The Isle of Wight, has come out on top, beating the famous Jurassic Coast in Dorset, as the richest area for dinosaur fossil finds with skeletons over 125 million years old! The Isle is of Wight is also the site of the largest dinosaur find – a neck bone of a Sauropod which would have measured over 20 metres (nearly five times as long as a London double decker bus) and weighed roughly 54 tonnes, the same as 20 full grown elephants! It was also the Jurassic ‘Isle of Fright’ as it was home to the deadliest dinosaur: a Neovenator which measured around 7.5m in length and had serrated, saw-like teeth for tearing flesh.

With Primeval: New World – the popular US spin off of the hugely successful Primeval drama series – jam packed full of special effects and featuring 16 prehistoric land, sea, sky and sand creatures that threaten modern day earth having travelled through strange anomalies in time, it may feel like science fiction that dinosaurs used to roam the UK.

However, according to the research undertaken by Dr Barrett, over 100 species have been unearthed across the country from Sauropods as tall as Nelson’s Column to Echinodons which were about the size of a cat. Dr Barrett commented: “This map highlights some of the most recent dinosaur discoveries in the UK, as well as the large number of finds made historically. Dinosaur fossils are still found on a regular basis in the cliffs and quarries of the UK and many more surprises are likely to be waiting in the rocks”. Catch all of the dino-action in Primeval: New World, Tuesdays at 9pm, only on Watch.

Primeval Map