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New event at Blackgang: Extinction

Breaking news!   A meteorite has crashed down upon Blackgang Chine and the effects are most peculiar.   Instead of causing extinction, it has brought our pre-historic animals back to life.   Are you brave enough to come and discover more in this new event, Extinction, taking place at Blackgang Chine on Isle of Wight Day, Saturday 23rd September.

Come and meet our not-so-extinct baby dinosaurs and mischievous dodos and be amazed by our Shadow & Sheila show featuring our very playful resident T-Rex dinos.     Plus join our Victorian hunters in the NEW Dino Digs show, in their quest to dig for pre-historic remains in this fun, interactive activity.  What will you find in the depths of the sand?

Lots of fun with a little bit of mischief and mayhem too, for all the family to enjoy.  Park open 10am – 5pm with activities starting at 11am.  For full programme visit : www.blackgangchine.com


For further information please contact Michelle Russell, Vectis Ventures Limited : 07436 283630 / michelle@vectisventures.co.uk