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Fifty Shades of Wight!

The Isle of Wight has launched a new campaign, to highlight some of the finest experiences now on offer in one of the most enduring holiday destinations in the UK.

Shades of Wight is aimed at aspirational and discerning travellers, who want to discover – or perhaps rediscover – the UK’s “holiday island”, and to experience some of the many pleasures to be found here either in terms of accommodation, fine food and drink, striking landscapes, or unusual activities.

All contained within one high quality 20-page brochure, the campaign itself helps to highlight some of the very best the hotels, guest houses, self-catering cottages and romantic tree-houses on the Island – from the welcoming Fishbourne Inn close to the harbour, to the 5 AA gold star Hambrough in Ventnor. And for something completely different, why not consider the Spitbank Napoleonic Fort off the coast of the Island?

Each page of the brochure reveals another secret waiting to be uncovered, including Steephill Cove – arguably the quaintest place on the whole of the Isle of Wight, where it’s possible to stay in the secluded Little Tamarisk, where guests can watch the sun set while sampling some delicious fresh seafood and c chilled glass of white wine.

And once the sun has gone down, how about experiencing a little bit of stargazing under the Wight Nights sky? Professor Bill Martin of the University of Hertfordshire Centre for Astrophysics and Atmospheric Instrumentation Research (no less!) has stated: “With the data we have from the Isle of Wight, you potentially have the best combination of dark skies and clear weather in the UK”.

The Island dances to a different beat in the towns and villages at night, when it comes alive to the sound of music. And while its new, annual Acoustic Isle festival is a testimony to the number of venues where visitors can find live music these days, its historic pubs and inns – such as the 15th century White Horse in Whitwell and 16th century Buddle Inn – is another feature of the Island being highlighted in the new Shades of Wight brochure.

One of the great pleasures of visiting The Isle of Wight is the chance to enjoy the great outdoors: to “drive less and see more” on one of its many cycle tracks, or to take a walk on the wild side…and go in search of the red squirrels which have made the Island their home.

The brochure also explains how to reach the Island, and full details are now featured online at http://www.visitisleofwight.co.uk/shades-of-wight.


For further information, please contact:

Sue Emmerson
Tel: 07766 705672 E-mail: sue@visitwight.co.uk