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Isle of Wight Dinosaur arrives at Westminster Palace this Thursday

Isle of Wight Dinosaur arrives at Westminster Palace this Thursday

A baby T REX left the Isle of Wight today En route for the palace of Westminster and will be grazing around parliament tomorrow, the 17th of October 2013 between 9.30am and 12.30pm.

The prehistoric creature has become one of the top attractions at the Island’s Blackgang Chine Fantasy Theme Park, also celebrating its 175th birthday as the oldest theme park in the UK this year.

The park’s owners have joined forces with other tourist attractions, food producers and industry representatives to host an “Isle of Wight Day” in Westminster Palace in association with the Island’s MP, Andrew Turner, and the Island’s newly formed Destination Management Organisation, Visit Isle of Wight LTD.

Earlier this year, the Isle of Wight was named the Dinosaur Capital of the UK by the Natural History Museum, noted for the number of fossils found on the Island over the years. This summer the Island teamed up with Twentieth Century Fox and the BBC to create a walking with dinosaur trail where walkers can download augmented reality dinosaurs on their mobile devices and smart phones when visiting the Island 

The Isle of Wight Day officially starts at 10.30am in the Jubilee Room at Westminster Palace and runs until 4pm. The Blackgang Dinosaur will be taking in the local scenery at 9.30am, and hanging about to have a quick bite with the new Tourism Minister, Helen Grant MP when she pops in to hear all about the Island at 12.30pm.Ends

For further information, please contact: Sue Emmerson, Isle of Wight Press Officer

Tel: 07766 705672 E-mail: sue@visitwight.co.uk

Learn more about the Dinosaur Island phone app, Blackgang Chine and all things Isle of Wight at www.visitisleofwight.co.uk