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This October, enjoy the ambience of Robin Hill’s electric woods’ like never before  with the Festival of Light, a stunning spectacle of creatively themed light, colour, sound, and entertainment inspired by the Hindu Festival of Diwali where ‘light triumphs over darkness’.

From 4th October – 1st November, as darkness falls, visitors can experience the lush colours, flavours and magic of the Asian sub-continent set in Robin Hill’s glorious autumnal ancient woodland as the spectacular ‘electric woods’ captures the spirit of the most popular festival in the Indian calendar.

Wandering through the ‘electric woods’, visitors can enjoy the creative interpretation of the Indian poem, ‘The Ramayana’,  which tells the story of Prince Rama and Princess Sita and their battle to triumph over the evil demon God.   Delivered in two parts, the story is cleverly portrayed by a spectacular sound & light show which begins the tale in ancient India, and finishes with an enchanting shadow theatreperformance that celebrates the victory of good over evil.

Visitors will also be encouraged to embrace the spirit of Diwali by taking part in ‘Colour Quest’ battles!   Hidden in the dark glades of the ‘electric wood’, evil demons will lie in wait for unsuspecting visitors.   As you wander gingerly through the dark woods, experiencing the special lighting and effects, be ready to encounter the evil demons, and, armed with special coloured ‘Holi’ flour, defeat them with colour!   Don’t forget to wear a white t-shirt to capture the colourful aftermath of the battle!

These special interactive Colour Quest battles will take place every night with Saturday night ‘quests’ becoming more intense as the evening draws on.   All visitors will receive a free small pouch of brightly coloured flour to throw whilst on their quest.

Saturday nights will feature extended opening hours (6pm – 11pm), live theatrical performances and DJ sets, making this night in particular a special ‘Festival of Light’ celebration.

The Diwali theme will feature across all refreshments with an authentic Indian menu of curries, Asian sweets, and traditional teas, providing a true ‘taste of India’, served in the woodland ponds where magical reflections appear in the water and themed music will add to the ambience.

Robin Hill’s electric woods Festival of Light event starts on Saturday 4th October and is open every evening until Saturday 1st November, 6pm – 9.30pm Sunday to Friday and from 6pm – 11pm on Saturdays.   During half term, 24October – Sunday 2nd November Robin Hill will also be open from 10am.

For more information please visit : www.electricwoods.co.uk.


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Celebrated across the world, Diwali is the largest, brightest and most popular festival in the Indian calendar. The word Diwali means “row of lighted lamps”, with light symbolizing the triumph of good over evil, prosperity over poverty and knowledge over ignorance. It’s a time for lighting diyas (or lamps), laying out colourful rangolis (colours), enjoying fireworks, exchanging gifts of sweets and celebrating with dance, music and storytelling.

The ‘electric woods’ is a series of stunning evening events featuring a spectacle of themed light, colour and sound set in a five acre pocket of ancient woodland at Robin Hill Adventure Park & Gardens.   As dusk falls, a beautiful array of lighting brings a warm and magical glow to the trees, woodland glades, and paths enhanced by relaxing music, delicious food and stunning entertainment. Each of the season’s ‘electric woods’ events has a different twist, with themes from Oriental to Indian.

For further information, please contact Michelle Russell, Marketing & Communications Manager, Vectis Ventures on 01983 730330 / 07436 283630 / michelle@vectisventures.co.uk