calamosaurus close up


A fossil from a dinosaur has been discovered on the Isle of Wight, more than a century since the last remains of the predator were found.

The neck vertebra of a dinosaur called ‘Calamosaurus’ was found on a recent fossil hunt by Dave Badman at Chilton Chine.  It is the first fossil of this dinosaur to have been found since the original discovery was made nearly 140 years ago on the Island by the Reverend of Brighstone parish, William Fox.

After his death in 1882, the collection of William Fox was acquired by the Natural History Museum.  While the collection was being catalogued, staff at the museum recognised two unusual vertebrae in the collection, which were later named as a new species ‘Calamosaurus Foxi’.  Since then, no other definite remains of this dinosaur have ever been found.

After finding the fossil, Mr Badman brought the specimen to Dinosaur Isle Museum in Sandown ( for identification, where it is now on display.

He commented, “I have looked along the beaches for a long time, searching for fossil remains, and have had a fair amount of success.  However when I saw this fossil, I knew it was something different and that I had a great find.  I took it to Dinosaur Isle straight away to get it identified.  I am very pleased to donate my find to the museum so I know the specimen can help with the understanding of this elusive dinosaur.”

It all further enhances the Isle of Wight’s reputation as the “Dinosaur Capital of Britain” which all started in 2013 when the Natural History Museum in London awarded it that title, continued with a special Walking with Dinosaurs app which allows visitors to be photographed while walking with dinosaurs, the Isle of Wight is also linked with a major new film WALKING WITH DINOSAURS: THE 3D MOVIE, and reached its peak when Royal Mail unveiled ten commemorative dinosaur stamps – each featuring drawings by internationally famous Isle of Wight artist, John Sibbick.

Meanwhile, the Isle of Wight will launch a new event called ‘Dinosaurs by the Sea’ on July 4th/5th (during the Festival of the Sea) when – in additional to other events – there will be an attempt to build the UK’s biggest dinosaur on the beach at Ryde.

A new Dinosaur Safari Guide is also scheduled to be launched later this year.  For more details, visit


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