New high-speed ferry for Lymington commute; Yarmouth welcomes ‘Scoot 1’ to town

New high-speed ferry for Lymington commute; Yarmouth welcomes ‘Scoot 1’ to town

Fast, friendly and reliable. That’s Scoot, a sporty new ferry service speeding you across the Solent for your work commute, leisure trip or onward travel.  Starting on Tuesday 1st September the team from Scoot Ferries is offering a 7 day a week service from 04.30 am through to 23.30 pm. This is ideal if you start work early, need to catch a connection to London, or for shift work on the mainland. It’s a 25 minute crossing, straight into the heart of Lymington, to Town Quay. The Yarmouth to Lymington commute just became a whole lot easier!

Your trip across the Solent will be in Scoot 1, the first of a Scoot fleet built by island boat builder South Boats IOW, based in Cowes.  It’s comfortable – each of the 12 passengers has their own individual suspension seat with USB and charging point and there is free WIFI.   Comfort and safety is a top priority – Scoot 1 is MCA Coded and fully certified and helmed by a highly experienced team.

Bicycles and well-behaved dogs on a lead are welcome, and there is no extra charge for either. For those using a bicycle to complete their journey to work this is a welcome addition. It also opens up the possibility of fabulous days out for islanders cycling in the New Forest, or for mainland visitors enjoying pedal power on the Island.

Scoot Ferries is born out of the desire to offer an Isle of Wight-based, more convenient and customer-centric Solent travel service. As a small operator, Scoot is well placed to be able to listen to its customers and to build a friendly, fast and user responsive business.

For streamlined and efficient ticketing, Scoot has made a significant investment in an online booking system, which will come into play from October and is more akin to an airline experience than a traditional ferry company.  This ‘click and travel‘ technology helps the business to keep the ticket pricing as competitive as possible.  The investment is backed up with a clear strategy to keep it real and talk to customers whether on board or online. Twitter and Facebook are also used to communicate and an App is in development. From the off Scoot is keen to make sure that customers know they are cared about.

Zoẽ Ombler, CEO of Scoot Ferries Ltd is delighted with the response the company has enjoyed to date:

“Scoot Ferries Ltd has been a long time in the making and our first route was a Cowes Week service linking Cowes with Hamble. It was a great success and we are now very excited to be starting the regular, year round Yarmouth to Lymington route. We want to connect families with families, employees with employers and businesses with customers, and we want to do that in an efficient and friendly way that works for our passengers.  Please watch our space for news on further cross Solent routes too!”

To book please visit www.scootferries.co.uk


Jackie Phillips

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